Why it is necessary to watch Get Out

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Donald Trump has declared that he wants red-haired Scandinavians in the USA. He does not need niggers from Africa.

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Recently Trump ridiculed the Google CEO Sundar Pichai, for speaking up for American values and the policies of Google. With Trump at the helm, Richard Spencer, the mainstream, alt-right leader of Trumpland, has declared an all-out war against what he considers us to be: intrinsically racially impure and nincompoops. Spencer, in fact, hailed the coronation of Donald Trump as POTUS with a Nazi salute in Washington not too long ago. Then Charlottesville happened. Before Spencer and his loonies boasted they were racially superior to most on this wretched planet, we had Craig Cobb taking over Leith. That is another story reserved for another day. It is within this context of xenophobia and black-phobia, that we must assess Get Out, now streaming on Netflix India.

Richard Spencer who hates us leading the Nazi salute.  
Richard Spencer led Nazi salute at Washington D.C. 

In Get Out we have the old but still extant practice of blacks being used as sex-slaves by WASPs. As an aside, novels like The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund (the pen names of Jerker Eriksson and Hakan Sundquist) show the prevalence of sexual exploitation of children and adults of colour in white Europe. The plot line of Get Out is going to wear out down the years because it is based on the far-fetched cruelties of a psychopathic white family. The Armitages wish to somehow use black life force via hypnosis and neurosurgery into prolonging white lives. Of course, this totally subverts the ‘purity of the Aryan race’ and ‘white bloodline’ rants. But this movie’s importance is in its timing. It is a warning to Indians seduced by the mystique of America. Indians should give up the idea of travelling to America until the canker of white supremacy is removed. And that’s not happening any time soon. Whites have often proven themselves as singularly treacherous and parasitic. Therefore, let us not demean ourselves by pumping money into white economies.

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Were I to land up in that cursed land now, I’d probably be lynched since I am not white and study Hinduism as a scholar-practitioner.