for those (who meet others) in solitary confinement


This season of merry-making all over the world, I bring to mind prisoners who are well nigh forgotten; especially those who are in solitary confinement across the globe serving long sentences. They are losing their minds, minute by long minute. They do not have access to the internet or anything normal in their lives which have been rendered useless by their own hate and our hate towards them. They are in hell. I understand that they  deserve this punishment due to the nature of their radical deeds of evil. But I also understand that God is Love. None deserves to be tortured in this way for hate only begets hate. I am sure of this. I know that the victims and deeds of these criminals evoke and demand society to punish them in certain ways, but let us remain human and not become like unto them. Centuries of evil have been and will be for evermore cleansed by Love. I agree that we are talking of sadists, people without consciences and murderous folks here: those who if set free will possibly bludgeon us to death.

But no wo/man deserves to live in solitary confinement with none but herself for company. No person howsoever evil is beyond the Mercy of Brahman. No created being is exempt from ḥesed. I know there is evil under the sun. I know demons roam among us. I know children are predated by monsters in human guise. Yet I also know that there is tremendous goodness in most of us. Prison-guards and judges are often faced with harrowing decisions which test their sanity and humanity. They are only human. And thus they are potentially divine, and the Image of God shines most brightly in them. Law enforcement personnel are torn between the need to be just towards the victims and the need to go soft on criminals who show no remorse even when put behind bars for the rest of their lives. I think there is a need to put specific perpetrators behind bars for the rest of their lives. But I believe that solitary confinement may not be the way to punish these radically evil people. May this season of cheer prompt a rethinking about these prisoners who have killed, sodomized and revelled in the joys of annihilating others.